Browse the galleries to see JTM’s designs and views of the design studio. If you see a design you like – either a little or a lot – let me know! I’d love to customize a unique piece for you that combines the things you love about an existing design with the design elements of your dreams.


Handstamped, handstrung, and handcrafted bracelets. Designs also include adjustable clasps and the “sentimental messages” colleciton.


While mixing metals and using Swarovski crystals, creating lightweight, trendy earrings remains a priority.


A variety of chains are available to mix and match with custom pendant creations.


I’m always eager to discover new textures and materials when creating. The vegan fabric collection adds more sparkle, texture, and color to designs.


If you have a beautiful, unique piece of jewelry that just needs a little loving care, JTM Designs is the place for you. I’ll get an understanding for how you wear the piece and what needs to happen to make it lovely and usable again. When I’m finished, your treasure will be better than new!


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